Printing Methods:

When producing custom flags we use two types of printing methods, they are Screen Print and Digital Print,

Screen printing by machine for higher volumes or by hand for small quantities and also High Quality Digital Print

by digital imaging print machine.

Screen printing has flexible design options and vibrant effective finish.

Best for higher volumes and cost effective.

Sharp Finish * Vibrant colors * Printed to PMS (Pantone) colours * 100% Bleed through

Digital Printing (Sublimation/Heat-Transfer) uses USA technology to create sharp and striking results.

Fantastic for complex designs and high-definition images

* Perfect for low volumes (1 or 2 flags) * Fast production time. * Full colour printing process * PMS or CMYK printing 

What print option is best for me?

If you need 1 or 2 flags digital print is best, for higher volumes screen print is most cost effective, however,

if you have a complex design then digital printing may be the only option.

Send us the artwork/image so we can advise you which is the best print method.

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